photo of Black Combe

Beckstones Brewery
home of Black Gun Dog Freddy ... the dog ... and the award-winning beer!

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Last updated:
11th August 2009

Nestling in a remote corner of remote rural Cumberland, under the shadow of Black Combe, this modern craft brewery is producing a fine range of beers to suit all palates.

Not widely available, they are to be sought when visiting by those not lucky enough to live in the vicinity.

Explore these few pages for a savour of the flavours!

The home of Rev Rob - the Bronze Medal winner for Strong Bitters in Champion Beer of Britain, 2010

also, in Champion Beer of Britain competitions, 2008:
Beckstones Black Gun Dog Freddy won
the GOLD award (Milds)
and SILVER overall (2nd best beer in Britain!!)
photo brewery exterior
The tiny but attractive barn brewery, with the distinctive casks outside