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Here are a few things I've done for myself that might be useful to other yr 6 teachers out there ....

updated January 2012

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Teaching text genres to year 6?

Writing biographies can be as dry as dust .... and autobiographies can be very difficult for a child to write when they have not much to tell. Interesting but short enough good examples are hard to find, so I created my own...factfiles and interviews .... and examples of newspaper reports, flashback stories, differentiated biographies and autobiographies.

Here is a collection of 30 related texts that you can use in various ways that will probably last you all year ......

Read more and see samples look here ... (warning: cheap - but not free!!!)

KS2 SATs English - Writing

Scans of writing tasks from 2003 - 2009

Summary of Y6 SATs Writing tasks for all years - title and genre

March 2010 - some marking grids added.

Writing 2003 - longer- the Queue ( task, planning sheet, example texts, marking grid and my own story, using flashback and a surprise twist at the end!)
Writing 2003 - shorter - the Toy (task only)

Writing 2004 - longer - Time For a Change (task only)
Writing 2004 - shorter - Eyewitness (task and planning only)

Writing 2005 - longer - Can I stay up? (task and planning sheet only)
Writing 2005 - shorter - favourite meal (task and planning, example texts, marking grid and my example, using loads of semicolons)

Writing 2006 - longer - A day out (task, planning and marking grid)
Writing 2006 - shorter - Endangered Creature (task, planning, marking grid and marked examples)

Writing 2007 - longer - Save It (task, planning, marking grid)
Writing 2007 - shorter - It's a Mystery (task, answer sheet, planning and marking grid )

Writing 2008 - longer - Kit Davenport (task, planning)
Writing 2008 - shorter - Memories of a School Year (task, planning and marking grids)

Writing 2009 - longer - Trainer Try-out (task, planning, marking grids)
Writing 2009 - shorter - A Busy Place (task, planning, marking grids)

Writing 2010 - shorter - Simply the Best - and Spelling test - Marking booklet is in the reading section
Writing 2010 - longer - Looking After a Miptor - Marking booklet is in the reading section

KS2 SATs English - Reading

Scans of some booklets, questions and mark schemes from 1999 - 2010 - please let me know of any links that are wrong or don't work.

Thanks to Keith Thornton for scans of reading booklets and marking schemes - I will add full pupil answer booklets, since he has scanned them, when I have time.

The ones already on here are separately scanned for projection on IWBs - cheaper than printing them out in full for each pupil!

Reading Test 1999 - the poem 'Spinners', questions and answers
Reading Test 1997 (questions only)

Reading Test 2002 questions only
Reading Test 2002 Marking Scheme

Reading Test 2003 Booklet
Reading Test 2003 Questions
Reading Test 2003 Marking Scheme

Reading Test 2004 Booklet
Reading Test 2004 Questions
Reading Test 2004 Marking Scheme

Reading Test 2005 Booklet
Reading Test 2005 Questions
Reading Test 2005 Marking Scheme

Reading Test 2006 Booklet
Reading Test 2006 (questions only)
Reading Test 2006 (Marking Scheme)

Reading Test 2007 Booklet
Reading Test 2007 Questions
Reading Test 2007 Marking Scheme

Reading Test 2008 Booklet
Reading Test 2008 Questions
Reading Test 2008 Marking Scheme

Reading Test 2009 Booklet 1
Reading Test 2009 Booklet 2
Reading Test 2009 (questions only)
Reading Test 2009 Marking Scheme

Reading Test 2010 Booklet
Reading Test 2010 Questions
Reading Test 2010 Marking Scheme

I am ploughing through all the KS2 SATs ever done, with mark schemes, so if anyone is stuck for anything - just email!

KS2 Maths SATs

Scans of most SATs questions from 2001- 2008, grouped into subject areas; complete papers since 2009

Area, perimeter and length
Area, perimeter and length

Data handling
Continuous data graphs
Discrete data graphs and charts
Information grids and tables
Pie charts

Logic and reasoning
Algebra and finding unknowns
Explaining reasoning
Sorting - Venn and Carroll diagrams
trial and refinement
mixed reasoning questions
Using branching trees (key)

Multi-part problems
Multi-part problems


Ratio and proportion
Ratio and Proportion

Scales and Numberlines
Scales and Numberlines

Shape and Space questions
Circle properties
Properties of shapes
Rotation and Translation
Symmetry and reflection
Miscellaneous shape questions



Using Metric Measures
Using Metric Measures

Using and Applying
Calculation strategies
place value, numbering, ordering
using properties of numbers

Maths SATs post-2008 - Sorry - I haven't had time or inclination to separate and sort these and add them to folders!

2009 Maths Test - both papers
2009 Maths Paper A here.
And 2009 Maths Paper B here.
grateful thanks to Greyengine for scanning them and sending them for uploading - to share!.

2010 Maths Test - both papers, mental and answers
2010 Maths complete set here.
grateful thanks to Keith Thornton for scanning them for uploading - to share!.

Free Maths SATs Practice tests from
Test 1 - questions paper
Test 2 - Answers
Test 1 - questions paper
Test 2 - Answers

Mental tests - CD, pupil answer sheets, and some with answer papers

Mental Tests from Tameside - similar to SATs ones - for yet more practice
I was going to put a link to where I found them but can't find it now!
Tameside Mental test 7
Tameside Mental test 7
Tameside Mental test 7

KS2 SATs Science

Scans of most questions, grouped into subject areas

2008 questions added 20th Jan 2009, so all folders need re-downloading again! (Sorry but I like to keep things together!). It is getting hard to say where some questions should go - there are duplications in some folders as they cross two categories. In the cross-themed category, I couldn't decide!!!

Please let me know if I have got anything wrong!

cross themed pages
Earth, Sun and Moon
Human Body
Light and Shadow
Living things - animal
Living things - Plant
Solids, Liquids, Gases

2009 papers - complete set (thanks to Keith again)
2010 papers - complete set (thanks to Keith again)

Sites which have full papers, answer books, pupil response books etc.

St Joseph's Pickering

Mark Schemes

SATS tests online (What do they think SATs stands for????)

Reading Response Sheets for Yr 6

Formats: Textease or JPEGs.
Please note: Textease files may not look right if you don't have the same fonts as me - sorry!
Need Textease viewer? Click here (scroll right down the page to TeView)

A House Inside Out by Penelope Lively textease or jpeg
Boy by Roald Dahl textease or jpeg
Boy in the Girls' Bathroom by Louis Sachar textease or jpeg
Carrie's War by Nina Bawden textease or jpeg
Dare Game by Jacqueline Wilson textease or jpeg
Fingers on the Back of the Neck by various authors textease or jpeg
Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo textease or jpeg
Goalkeeper's Revenge by Bill Naughton textease or jpeg
Henry's Boots by Antony Lishak textease or jpeg
I am David by Anne Holm textease or jpeg
James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl textease or jpeg
Krindlekrax by Philip Ridley textease or jpeg
Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo textease or jpeg
Lie Detectives by Malorie Blackman 1 textease or jpeg
Lie Detectives by Malorie Blackman 2 textease or jpeg
Mad About the Boy by Mary Hooper textease or jpeg
The Princess Test + The Fairy's Mistake by Gail Carson Levine textease or jpeg
Sandstorm by Judy Cumberbatch textease or jpeg
Switchers by Kate Thompson textease or jpeg
The Deathwood Letters by Hazel Townson textease or jpeg
The Fib and other Stories by George Layton textease or jpeg
The Secret of Weeping Wood by Robert Swindells textease or jpeg
The Witches by Roald Dahl textease or jpeg
Turbulent Term of Tyke Tiler by Gene Kemp textease or jpeg
Time-travelling Cat - Aztec by Julia Jarman textease or jpeg
Time travelling Cat - Egypt by Julia Jarman textease or jpeg
Time-travelling Cat - Rome by Julia Jarman textease or jpeg
Wolf Brother by Michell Paver textease or jpeg

And a 'write your own book review' prompt sheet textease or jpeg

Odd bits

All zipped files are zipped using JustzipIt.
They should open with winzip but if you need to get 'JustZipIt' to open them, click here It is free!!

Lots of these are in Textease. Haven't got Textease? get the Textease viewer - free. Click here (scroll right down the page to TeView or get the demo of the full Textease program, which works fully but won't save or print. I use Studio CT)

World Cup Fever:
Blank tables (in Textease) for recording the results for each group then all the knockouts.
Get 32 kids to have a team each (or double up) and have a single throw of the dice for each team for each match, to determine how many goals scored
Who will win?
the 8 groups ..... and the knockout - both in textease format
the 8 groups ..... and the knockout - boths as JEPGs

Fantasy animal report writing here (Textease)

Minibeast border

Yr 5 Mental Maths Optional SAT

My 6 week literacy revision plan

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