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If you came here for the free SATs stuff
and my yr 6 text and reading resources, click here

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I thought I'd share about a good bit of software I have been using. It is a free, downloadable programme called Infix - and is easy to use to edit documents that come as pdfs. It has been really useful for editing small things, but I can see it being of huge use in a classroom: change numbers in a maths worksheet, for differentiation, delete words in a text for cloze or for spellings, change dates on planning sheets, change small details when updating policy docs, Anglicise words on downloaded sheets from USA, etc etc. Loads of potential. This week I have been designing a calendar for 2012 to sell for fund-raising - the calendar part comes as downloadable pdfs with holiday dates on - but St George's Day missed and we didn't want the Orange Day on it. Also, the late May holiday dates are changed next year because of the Queen's jubilee. Infix allowed editing! After that, all I had to do was add our choice of photos to the calendar and Bob's yer uncle, so to speak!! (well mine, anyway!) Infix is free if you are happy with an unobtrusive watermark ... which I am, so ignore the cost on the website and just download - however, it isn't that expensive if you want to buy the full version.