The Tessellations File


The Tessellations File

This new and greatly extended collection includes:
- 55 printables of all the standard regular and semi-regular tessellations together with a wide variety of less formal ones;
- a page of templates for children to draw round
- 30 pages of info on how the shapes fit together;
- how to adapt them to make more designs;
- ideas for using with children,
- explanations and mathematical information behind the geometry,
and all accompanied by vividly coloured illustrations.

New in this revised and expanded 3rd edition: clear instructions, with screenshots, on using computers and IWBs to draw your own and colour them. This section comes complete with software suggestions, weblinks and a great offer on the software used to create the tessellations and illustrations in the collection: Using the special code linked to this book, the teacher's full copy is free and there is greatly reduced site licence for pupils.

"Children are generally very interested in patterns and suggestions are given in the teachers' notes on how to approach the subject. Part of the pleasure in these designs is an appreciation of the power of mathematical thought to explain why certain shapes fit together and why others do not. There is also considerable satisfaction in the discovery that the most pleasing and natural way to colour them is intimately related to the underlying geometry."

The Tessellations File (3rd Edition) costs £5 and pdfs are sent by email
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